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Sam Llewellyn  ('Aunty Sam'),  having trained and qualified in 2001,  has been looking after Pembrokeshire's cared-for canines ever since from her purpose built home salon in Waterston,  between Milford Haven and Neyland.

A firm favourite with owners and furry four legged clients alike,  appointments are in great demand,  so please call in plenty of time.   If I'm unable to answer the phone,  please leave a message and I'll call you back between 'clients'!   Thank you,  Sam.

[BONUS:  drop off & pick up times ]

Wherever possible,  we'll find an appointment at a time that means you can drop off your doggy on the way to work or during your lunch break. . .  then pick them up on your way home.

Most grooming visits take around an hour,  but can be significantly longer for larger breeds,  or those with a double layered coat that requires hand stripping.

If you are house-bound or otherwise unable to travel,  Aunty Sam can arrange to pick-up and drop-off your fur baby.   Unfortunately,  this special chauffeur service is very limited. . .  but please call and ask!




Although a regular visit to the groomers is considered necessary for breeds that do not shed their coats seasonally,  all dogs can benefit greatly from a professional beautification and relaxed pampering!

See the BONUS content below for a description of the most common grooming services such as shampooing, shaping & cutting,  plus hand stripping or 'plucking'.

[BONUS:  each grooming technique explained ]

Shampoo & blow dry:  A full-body shampoo,  coat conditioner and a thorough blow dry is the first step in all treatments.  It's also the perfect opportunity to closely examine your dog's fur and skin for fleas, ticks and other unwanted passengers!

Cut & shape:  For dogs that don't moult naturally,  a regular groom is essential to address uncontrolled fur growth,  prevent tangling,  and keep your dog comfortable.   The length of cut will be informed by the time of year and weather.   Most breeds have a traditional 'hairstyle' that Aunty Sam can adapt to suit the season!

Hand stripping:  Hand Stripping is a method of grooming traditionally used on wirey or silky coated breeds such as Terriers and Spaniels.   It is a manual process of removing  (by 'plucking')  some of the dog's topcoat,  whilst leaving the undercoat unaffected.   Whilst hand stripping is a very skilled,  time-consuming,  process. . .  the results really are excellent.

Please be aware that hand stripping is not suitable for all breeds or,  indeed,  all individuals of a breed that is traditionally groomed using this process.


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With acres of accessible countryside and so many beaches close at hand,  local dogs tend not to wear down their nails going 'walkies' on pavement and concrete!

Nail care is very important to your dog's comfort and safety,  but many owners are fearful of causing injury by doing it themselves,  especially if their dog has black nails where the 'quick'  (the soft cuticle containing the blood vessel and nerves that run through your dog's nail)  is barely visible.

That's why nail clipping at Scruffs is only £10  (or half price if combined with any other treatment)!   Take a moment to browse my  grooming prices guide.

[BONUS:  more about nail care for dogs ]

The need to clip your dog's nails will depend on several factors;  their weight and breed,  how much exercise they get and,  perhaps most importantly,  the type of ground they regularly exercise on. . .  hard (pavement or tarmac),  or soft (grass and sand).

Many dogs may never need to have their nails clipped,  with the possible exception of their 'dew claws'.

Dew claws are the sharp nails behind your dogs wrists (and ankles).   Whilst not all dogs have them,  if they do,  dew claws rarely come into contact with the ground so will not wear down naturally and are likely to require clipping.

There is a simple step you can take today.   Try including some hard ground walking in your daily routine,  which can often be enough to keep your dog's nails trim without clipping.   However,  if your dog is small and light,  they may not weigh enough for their nails to wear down naturally through exercise.

Bear in mind that hearing your dog's nails on the floor,  whilst the noise can be annoying,  does not necessarily mean that they are too long.   Ask Aunty Sam whether your dog needs their nails clipped.


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Happy dog after anal gland expression at Scruffs grooming

anal glands

Both dogs and bitches, whether neutered or entire, have a pair of small sacs located on either side of the anus that allow them to scent-mark their territory.

When your dog defecates, enough pressure is usually exerted on their anal glands  (or 'scent glands')  to cause them to empty naturally. . .  however,  if your dog is passing soft stools, their anal glands may not evacuate completely.

Anal gland expression is completely painless,  stress free and available from Scruffs at a fraction of the cost of a more traditional vet visit!

[BONUS:  signs and symptoms of anal gland problems ]

The first sign that your dog need help to have their anal glands expressed,  is scooting their bottom on the ground in an attempt to relieve the pressure.

If the problem is left unchecked,  anal glands can become impacted.   Resulting in a hard build up and blockage of the ducts,  which can lead to pain,  swelling and eventually the formation of abscesses and infection.

You may also be able to see that your dog's glands are full.   A full anal gland will feel puffy to the touch, be about the size of a grape and may be accompanied by a pungent smell and a mucal or bloody discharge.

Although such symptoms may be temporary  (during a bout of diarrhoea for example),  it may reveal an underlying,  ongoing,  issue.

How often should anal glands be expressed?   Some dogs require their glands to be emptied regularly  (every 4 to 8 weeks),  while others may only need it a few times in their life.   Aunty Sam will advise you if there are signs of infection and you should consult your Vet,  who will probably recommend a course of antibiotics and anti inflammatories.

Once your dog has had an anal gland infection,  impaction or abscess,  it is usually best to have their glands checked every 3-4 weeks to prevent the issue from recurring.


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pricing. . .

From the tiniest teacup Yorkie to a 12 stone Great Dane, you'll find a comprehensive price list for all sizes and breeds of dog. . .  plus a series of breed guides in each section.

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